CS Ugrad Prerequisite Chart

We now have an interactive roadmap (made by Estevao Lordeiro ):


Prof. Ming Ouyang created this roadmap to the Computer Science BS (outdated, above is better!).

Our Graduate Program Secretary Gemma Galecia collected the following extremely useful links.

APPLICANTS: Admission | CS-MS | CS-PHD | Waiver Request | Application Process Questions (contact your Evaluator) |

Newly Admitted Graduate Students: Search for Classes | View Financial Account (tuition will only show when once you are enrolled in courses) | Tuition Information (contact the Bursars Office) | International Students (I20, Arival Information and more) |

All Graduate Students: CS-MS Graduate Enrollment Form | CS-PhD Graduate Enrollment Form |

WISER: Log-In Page | WISER HELP (Holds, Schedule and more) | Drop a Class | Permission Numbers | WISER Hold: View Holds (and details of how the hold should be removed) | Remote Emergency Contact and Address Hold |