Collaborative Data Mining Research Center (DMRC) On Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation


    Principal Investigators
  • Dr. Dan Simovici, Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Wei Ding, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Melissa Morabito, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Meng Zhou, Professor of Environment, Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Dr. Mingshun Jiang, Research Associate of Environment, Earth and Ocean Sciences

Collaborative Data Mining Research Center (DMRC) (University of Massachusetts President's Science and Technology S&T Fund 2011)
The DMRC builds on existing data mining research at UMass Boston and designs and implements efficient and effective data mining algorithms to solve challenging research problems in environmental, social, economic and health-related issues, bringing together faculty from several colleges and disciplines at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Large data sets have brought great challenges for data mining because the data may be from different sources in unknown populations. Very large real-world complex data sets often require estimating the parameters in thousands or millions of individual statistical or data mining models. DMRC seeks to implement innovative algorithms to address those problems and validate those algorithms through the multidisciplinary activities.

The center works on

  • Data mining on socioeconomic processes and drivers and their correlations that lead to socioeconomic justice, policy and wellbeing in Massachusetts
  • Data mining on spatial and temporal relationship between remote and local processes associated with local-global environment and economics under climate change and energy crisis
  • Data mining center for natural, societal and economic research and project development