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CS 470/670 Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2009

  1. How to use use Weka in CS department UNIX/PC lab?

  1. How to use use Weka in CS department UNIX/PC lab?

    Weka is installed in computers labeled PCLab01 to PCLab10 and PCLab16 to PCLab25 in the CS Department's Unix/PC lab (S-3-158). There are two steps. Step 1 must be done in the first week of the class.

    1. Students need to apply for a course account. Go to the Unix/PC lab, at a Sun workstation, and use a "console session" to avoid Xwindows, login as user apply with password apply. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to register to CS670 or CS470.
    2. To use Weka, please go to computer labeled PCLab01 to PCLab10 or PCLab16 to PCLab25. Then, login with your login and the default password given in the class. Then, you need to change the password. Please consult the the department computer lab policies how to choose a good password.
    Students must do step 1 (register for a course account) as soon as possible. Otherwise, the system administrator will not be able to generate accounts for step 2.


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