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CS 470/670 Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2009

Please use Homework Cover Page for your paper copy and softcopy submissions:

Programming Assignments
Homework Assignment 1 (Grading Criteria )
Homework Assignment 2  (Grading Criteria )
Homework Assignment 3 (Grading Criteria)
Homework Assignment 4 (CS 470 only; Grading Criteria)
Homework Assignment 5 (CS670 only; Grading Criteria)

For programming assignments, please make sure that you've budgeted enough time for your assignments. It is recommended that you should begin immediately with all the assignments as soon as they are assigned. For each assignments, you can pick any language in the following list:

You may use any standard conferment compiler and/or any development environment you like, such as Eclipse for Java or Visual Studio for MS Visual C++. However, all programming assignments submitted are required to compile under:

As the tradition of UMB CS Department, you need to include a text file, named README, in your submission. Inside the file, please specify your programming environment, i.e., what is your operating system, programming language, compiler version, or tools that you use for your assignment. So the TA can correctly evaluate your assignment. Also, please provide a short description, i.e., a paragraph or two, about your assignment, for example, what is your approach for the assignment, what are the the problems you have, any suggestion for the assignment is also welcome as well.

It is your responsible to ensure that your programs compile and execute correctly in the appropriate environment. TA will only check your program with appropriate environment. Any problems caused by non-compatible compilers can not be considered grounds for any extensions, or for leniency in grading.


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