IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 8

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples


New Material

Reading Assignment

The reading assignment for this week is chapter 3 of Sobell, The Utilities.

You will find a list of all reading assignments here.

There is a link to this page on the class web page.

Homework 3

I have posted Homework 3 here.

As usual, it will be due next Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Tips and Examples

Be Sure You Know Where You Are


The Hierarchical Filesystem

Unix Files and Directories


Case Sensitivity

Filename Extensions

Current Directory

Your Home Directory

New Material

Hidden Filenames

Startup Files

The . and . . Directory Entries


Absolute Pathnames

Tilde, ~, in Pathnames

Relative Pathnames

Relative Pathnames in Your Current Directory

Relative Pathnames in a Subdirectory

Relative Pathnames above the Current Directory

Relative Pathnames Neither above Nor below the Current Directory

Standard Directories

Your Home Directory versus /home

The Two Uses of /

The Two Special Uses of .


Class Quiz