IT 244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
Class 16

Today's Topics

Tips and Examples


New Material

Reading Assignment

The reading assignment for next week is chapter 8 of Sobell, The Bourne Again Shell.

Homework 5

I have posted homework 5 here.

It is due this Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Quiz 3

Let"s look at the answers to Quiz 3.

Scoring the Mid-term

I will score the mid-term this weekend.

You will recieve your scores by Monday.

Graded Quiz Next Week

There will be a graded quiz next week.

It will cover the material we will discuss this week, and the material from Class 13.

Tips and Examples

Killing All Running Jobs

Seeing All Running Processes


Running a Command in the Background


Moving a Job from the Foreground into the Background

Aborting a Background Job

New Material

Pathname Expansion

The ? Meta-character

The * Meta-character

The [ and ] Meta-characters


Help for Built-ins

Different Shell Versions

Using a Different Shell


Shells For Running Scripts

Ways a Shell Can Be Created

Your Login Shell

Interactive Non-login Shells

Non-interactive Shells

Creating Startup Files


Class Quiz