In Summer 2011, UHD REU team (David Hinote, Carlos Rodriguez, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ping Chen) participated in i2b2 competition, and was ranked in the first tier (close tie with the Univ. of Texas-Dallas, Open University, and Microsoft(Asia)) at the i2b2 Challenges in Natural Language Processing for Clinical Data. David Hinote presented the poster in the i2b2 workshop in October 2011. Details of the UHD system can be found here.

In Summer 2010, UHD team (Andrew Tran, Chris Bowes, David Brown, Mentor: Dr. Ping Chen) participated in SemEval 2010 Task 17 and was ranked at the 6th place, and the UHD system is the only unsupervised system that passes MFS baseline.

On 4/5/2010, Araly Barrera received 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award.

In Summer 2009, a 3-year REU research program funded by NSF started at AI Lab.

In March 2009, WSD system developed by AI Lab passed the base line and achieved the accuracy of 81.14%.

In Spring 2009, there is one Research Assistant position available. Please contact Dr. Chen if interested.

In June 2008, AI Lab participated in the Question Answering competition organized by NIST.

In May 2008, patent application of a Word Sense Disambiguation method has been officially approved by Intellectual Property Committee of the University of Houston.

In June 2007, large-scale knowledge acquisition project starts.

In May 2007, Artificial Intelligence Lab was founded by Dr. Ping Chen through National Science Foundation grants and institutional support.


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