Mobile Computing

Project DAB: Dynamic and Agile Buffer-control for Streaming Videos on Mobile Devices

Streaming Video-on-Demand has become a popular application and a significant consumer of network bandwidth. It is reported that Youtube and Netflix accouts for 17.3%, 5.1% of North American mobile data ...... more

Project PASA: Passive Broadcast for Smartphone Ad-hoc Networks

The location based service plays an important role in users' daily life. For example, users use Yelp to check out the restaurants around; Foursquare is popular for checkin and receive coupons. If you wanna chat with someone ...... more

Project Skyfiles: Efficient and Secure Cloud-assisted File Management Application

Nowadays, users store more and more of their songs, pictures and various kinds of files on the cloud due to limited the storage on mobile devices. In order to save storage and bandwidth, these cloud storage services ...... more