Masschusetts RMV Service Wait-Time

 ServiceWaitTime is a great simple application to get the licensing and registration wait-times at Massachusetts RMV local branches. This application uses nearly real time feed from Mass RMV API for developers. It is not endorsed or a product of Mass RMV.

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Major US Airport Delay Status

 USAirportDelayStatus app allows user to see the delay information as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a major airport in the US.

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Images Finder

 ImagesFinder is a simple and user friendly app that allows users to search and share photos.

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Language Teaching Tool For Master Project (LANTET)

 The goal of the LANTET project is to develop a program that will help language students enhance their vocabulary through context based review and testing. The application will be a web based interactive tool in the form of a plug-in. The plug-in will supply the definitions of words selected by the user and subsequently subject the user to a vocabulary quiz based on the words he had trouble with. Microsoft .NET technology C#, ASP.NET, WinCVS, JavaScript, MSI Windows Installer are used to develop this project.

Juno Operating System

 Designed a Java operating system to mimic a Unix command-line operating system, including log in and user operations, and shell commands.

ATM Simulator

 Created a Java program to simulate an Automated Teller Machine.

Bouncing Ball Game

 Created a Java program to simulate a bouncing ball game that allows the users to play the game by using mouse to hit the moving bouncing ball.

Compiler Organization and Construction

 Created a compiler in Java, including scanning input, error-checking, code translation and interpretation, and code generation and optimization.

Elevator Simulator

 Designed a simulator in Java to determine an algorithm that minimizes wait and trip time under varying building configurations and conditions of usage.

Grocery Stores Inventory Automation

 Developed master inventory system for multi-unit grocery chain to track store-level and total inventory, including cost and pricing reports, using C++.

Database Batch-Entry

 Wrote an embedded SQL/C program to enter database orders in batch mode during off-hours.

Server Logging

 Wrote a simulator in C to track usage and user statistics.