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CS 470/670 Artificial Intelligence
Tentative Course Schedule 
Fall 2008

Dr. Wei Ding

The course schedule is tentative. Actual contents to be covered depend on progress.
Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Dr. Marc Pomplun for sharing course related materials.
Lecture notes can be downloaded through your UMass Online Blackboard Learning System (BLS) account.

Section 01: Tuesday 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM, Thursday 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM Class Number:  15015 for CS 470, 15016 for CS 670
McCormick 2nd floor Classroom #116
Weeks Meetings Topic Readings & Handouts Examples & Web Resources
1.  Sept. 2  Course Administration    
 Sept. 4  Introduction to AI  Ch 1
Slide: Introduction to AI
2.  Sept. 9  Solving Problem by Searching  Ch 3.1 ~ Ch 3.3
Slides: Solving Problem by Searching
 Sept. 11  Uninformed Search Strategies  Ch 3.4 ~ Ch 3.5
Slides: Uninformed Search Strategies
3.  Sept. 16  Uninformed Search Strategies (continued)
Informed Search and Exploration
Ch 4
Slides: Informed Search and Exploration Part I
Uninformed Search Strategies: in-class exercises
 Sept. 18  Informed Search and Exploration (continued)    
4.  Sept. 23  Informed Search and Exploration (continued) Slides: Informed Search and Exploration Part II  
 Sept. 25  Informed Search and Exploration (continued)    
5.  Sept. 30  Informed Search and Exploration (continued) Slides: Informed Search and Exploration Part III  
 Oct. 2  Informed Search and Exploration (continued)   Informed Search and Exploration: in-class exercises
6.  Oct. 7  Adversarial Search  

 Ch 6
Slides: Adversarial Search

Adversarial Search: in-class exercises
 Oct. 9  Evolutionary Computing  Slides: Evolutionary Computing Part I  
7.  Oct. 14 Evolutionary Computing (continued)      
 Oct. 16 Evolutionary Computing (continued)   Slides: Evolutionary Computing Part II The GP Tutorial
8.  Oct. 21  Knowledge and Reasoning
 Pre-Midterm Exam Review

Ch 7.4 ~ Ch 7.5
Slides: Logic Agents

 Oct. 23  Midterm Exam

Pre-Midterm Exam Review

 The Official US Time
9.  Oct. 28  Knowledge and Reasoning (continued)


 Oct. 30  Knowledge and Reasoning (continued) 


10.  Nov. 4  First-Order Logic  Ch 8.1 ~ Ch 8.3  
 Nov. 6  Introduction to Weka    Weka: Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java
November 6, Course Withdraw Deadline
11.  Nov. 11, no class, Veterans Day (Holiday)
 Nov. 13  First-Order Logic (continued)    
12.  Nov. 18  No class, make-up class will be on Tue. Dec. 16    
 Nov. 20  First-Order Logic (continued)   Resolution & first-order logic: in-class exercises
13.  Nov. 25  Probabilistic Reasoning & Statistical Learning Models

 Ch 13 ~ Ch 14, Ch 20.2
Slides: Uncertainty

Article: Understanding Uncertainty
 Nov. 27, no class, Thanksgiving Recess
14.  Dec. 2  Term Project Progress Report    
 Dec. 4  Statistical Learning Methods (continued)
 Classification: Basic Concepts
Slides: Classification: Basic Concepts  
15.  Dec. 9  Classification: Support Vector Machines Slides: Classification: SVM  
 Dec. 11  Classification: Support Vector Machines (continued)
 Final Pre-Exam Review
16.  Dec. 16 No class, final combined.    
 Dec. 18  Final Exam (3:00 PM-6:00 PM, class room M-1-415) Final Exam Review  The Official US Time


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