CS612: Algorithms in Bioinformatics

 Fall 2017

Mo We 5:30-6:45, M-2-207



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Nurit Haspel
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Course Description

This course will introduce students to bioinformatics - the area concerning the development and application of computational methods to address key problems in biology. It will introduce the students to a variety of methods and skills required to conduct research in this highly rising field. The emphasis of the course is structural bioinformatics with focus on various computational methods to simulate, analyze and model protein structure, dynamics and function. Other subjects such as systems biology, genomics and interaction networks will be introduced as well. The course is designed first and foremost for computer scientists but is also open to biology majors with adequate computational/mathematical background.

See the course syllabus for a detailed list of topics.

Prerequisites are CS210 (Intermediate Computing) and MATH 260 (Linear Algebra) or permission from the instructor.

Recommended Textbooks

Introduction to Bioinformatics, Arthur M. Lesk, Oxford, 4th edition.

Structural Bioinformatics, edited by Jenny Gu and Phillip E. Bourne, Willey Blackwell, 2nd edition.

Grade Evaluation

Homework assignments: 40-50% (4-5 homework assignments will be given)
Project and Final Presentation: 50-60%

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basic concepts


September 6


Notes - introduction


Finish up intro
Sequence Alignment

Lesk: Chapter 4

September 11

Finish up introduction,
sequence comparison

September 13

Sequence alignment, BLAST

Notes - sequences

CS310 DP class notes



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