CS 240 Programming in C - Fall 2017


TA Office Hours
  • Ms. Thuy Do (thuy.do001@umb.edu, S-3-124): Mon, Wed 5:30PM-7PM

Tests and Exam: All tests are cumulative. Make sure you bring your laptop to the test. You will need Internet connection.

Link to Homework Assignments

Homework 1: http://programming.cs.umb.edu/hw/ (due 2PM Tue Oct 3, 2017)
Homework 2:
http://programming.cs.umb.edu/hw2/ (due 2PM Tue Oct 10, 2017) (test cases for prob 1, test cases for problem 2)
Homework 3:
http://programming.cs.umb.edu/hw3/ (due 2PM Tue Oct 24, 2017) (test cases, solution)
Homework 4:
http://programming.cs.umb.edu/hw3/ (due 2PM Tue Oct 31, 2017) (test cases, hint, solution)
Homework 5: (
description, due by the December 19, 2017)
  • Download test files and put them in the same folder with your .c program: input, output, grading.sh
  • Testing: test locally using the test files. 2 ways:
    • At the command line, type "./grading.sh hw5.c"
    • If the above does not work, run with each input and compare its output with the test output using command "diff fileA fileB"
  • Submission: submit your .c code via email to TA by 1AM December 19, 2017

Link to Practice Website


- Each student is given a username and a unique password (sorry, you cannot change the password as I said initially, and so you have to use the assigned password). Dont share your password with anybody.
- If you have any problem submitting your work, ask the question inside the website using the question box.
- Submission to Programming website: if you are inside a machine remotely (CS unix server, for example), you need to copy the file from that remote machine to your local machine in order to submit it to the Programming website. For this purpose, you should use
scp command (if you use you Linux or Mac OS) or use a FTP client (if you use Windows)

Sample Codes Discussed in Class

Linked List:
simple_linkedlist.c, linked_list_pass_by_reference.c
How to call system commands inside a C program: sys_cmnd.c, count_folders.c
How to create a library (
hashtable.c, hashtable.h) and use it (hashtable_test.c)

Supplemental Slides

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3-4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Lecture, Lecture
Chapter 7:

Useful Resources

Basic Unix for Computer Science Students
Complete set of vi command