CS634: Architecture of Database Systems

Department of Computer Science

UMass Boston

Spring 2014: MW 7:00-8:15 PM in M-2-209

Offered by: Elizabethm (Betty) O'Neil
email: eoneil@cs.umb.edu
Office: S-3-169


See the course syllabusPrerequisite:  CS430/630 or experience with database and my permission.

Special topics for S14:  Web-related data management: cloud computing using Amazonís EC2 service, specifically running the MySQL database, and using Amazon S3 for cloud storage, and HTML5's Indexed Datatbase API.


hw1 due Wednesday, March 5, in class and in your cs634/hw1 directories.  Relationships, Disks, Creating and Loading Databases, Indexes hw1 Solution
hw2 due Monday, March 14, in class. Hash indexing, Queries, Sorting, Cost Estimates hw2 Solution
hw3 due Monday, Apr. 28, in class. Query Processing, Concurrency Control

Course Notes/Slides
Mon., Jan 27 notes Intro, Review of integrity constraints: PKs, FKs
Wed., Jan 29 pdf pptx Review of Integrity constraints, E-R translation to tables, practical normalization
Mon, Feb. 3 pdf pptx Chap. 9: Disks and Files (createdb.sql handout) Also see link for load scripts below.
Wed., Feb 5 University closed because of snow storm.
Mon, Feb. 10 pdf pptx RAID in practice, Chap 8 Intro to Indexing
Wed., Feb. 12 pdf pptx I/O Cost Model, Tree Indexes
Wed., Feb. 19 pdf pptx Hash Indexes
Mon., Feb. 24 pdf pptx Managing Disk in Oracle
Wed, Feb. 26 pdf pptx Managing Disk in MySQL, Intro Queries (Chap. 12)
Mon., Mar. 3 pdf pptx Intro Queries
Wed., Mar. 5 pdf pptx External Sorting
Mon., Mar. 10 pdf pptx Evaluation of Relational Operators
Wed., Mar. 12 pdf pptx Query Optimization
Mon., Mar. 24 pdf pptx Query Optimization, Part 2
Wed., Mar. 26 pdf pptx Midterm Review
Monday, Mar 31 Midterm Exam
Wed., Apr. 2 pdf pptx Intro to Concurrency Control
Mon., Apr. 7 pdf pptx Concurrency Control
Wed., Apr. 9 pdf pptx Concurrency Control, cont.
Mon., Apr. 14 pdf pptx Concurrency Control, part 3  Transfer.java (with retry on deadlock or serialization error)
Wed., Apr. 16 pdf pptx Recovery


Oracle CS430 Oracle setup instructions We are using version 10g.  Oracle 10g documentation (SQL)
Mysql: MySql Setup We are using version 5.1. docs (SQL)
DB2 v9.5 (SQL)

 Load scripts for text's sample tables, Oracle and mysql. These are also available in directory /data/htdocs/cs634/tables in the UNIX/Linux filesystem.
Visual Explain for DB2
Example of MS Sql Server visual explain plan