CS634: Architecture of Database Systems

Department of Computer Science

UMass Boston

Spring 2016: MW 7:00-8:15 PM in M-2-207

Offered by: Elizabeth (Betty) O'Neil
email: eoneil@cs.umb.edu
Office: S-3-169


See the course syllabusPrerequisite:  CS430/630 or experience with database and my permission.

Student Information sheet, with list of essential skills needed for this course

Special topics for S16: Data warehousing, big data


Homework 1, due Mon., Feb 8. Relationships, Creating and Loading Databases, Generated PKs (15 points)
Homework 2, due Mon., Feb. 22 Intro to Indexes

Course Notes/Slides: 6pp means format of six slides per page

Mon, Jan. 25 slides (6pp) Intro
Wed., Jan. 27 slides (6pp) Review of integrity constraints, relationships (handout)
Mon., Feb. 1 slides (6pp) Normalization, Generated Keys, Disks (Chap. 9)
Wed., Feb. 3 slides (6pp) RAID in Practice, Overview of Indexing (Chap. 8)
Mon., Feb. 8 Snow day, University closed
Wed., Feb. 10 slides (6pp)  I/O Cost Model, Tree Indexes

Spring '14 slides, etc.
Access to cs.umb.edu Hosts

SQL2003 data types
Oracle: Oracle setup instructions We are using version 10g on dbs2 or 11g on dbs3 (new server!).  Oracle 10g documentation (SQL)
SQLPlus quick guide: http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/SQL*Plus_FAQ  Basic Commands
Mysql: MySql Setup We are using version 5.6. docs (SQL)
DB2 v10.5 (SQL)

Load scripts for text's sample tables, Oracle and mysql. These are also available in directory /data/htdocs/cs634/tables in the UNIX/Linux filesystem.

Visual Explain for DB2
Example of MS Sql Server visual explain plan

SQL92 Standard