CS634: Architecture of Database Systems

Department of Computer Science
UMass Boston

Spring 2018: MW 5:30-6:45 in M-3-204

Offered by: Elizabeth (Betty) O'Neil
email: eoneil@cs.umb.edu
Office Hours: MW 3:45-5:15 and by appointment, in S-3-169
Grader: JohnPaul Kambazza (jkamby at cs.umb.edu)


See the course syllabusPrerequisite:  CS430/630 or experience with database and my permission.

Student Information sheet, with list of essential skills needed for this course

Special topics for S18: Using the cloud to run your own mysql installation on Linux, big dat


Homework 1 due Monday, Feb. 5 in class, on paper. Relationships, Creating and Loading Databases, Generated PKs (15 points) Solution (user/pw in email)
Homework 2 due Wednesday, Feb. 21 in class, on paper. Intro to Indexes (20 points) Solution
Homework 3 due Monday, Mar. 5 in class, on paper, plus site in Google cloud. Being a DBA in a cloud VM, Indexing, Intro Query Evaluation (20 points) Solution
Homework 4 due Wednesday, Mar. 21 in class, on paper. Query Operators and Query Plans (20 points) (#1 updated 3/17)

Course Notes/Slides: 6pp means format of six slides per page

Mon, Jan. 22 slides (6pp) Intro
Wed., Jan. 24 slides (6pp) Integrity Constraints, Relationships
Mon., Jan. 29 slides (6pp) Normalization, Generated Keys, Disks, RAID (Chap. 9)
Wed., Jan. 31 slides (6pp) RAID in Practice, Intro to Indexing (Chap. 8)
Mon., Feb. 5 slides (6pp) I/O Cost Model, Tree Indexes (Chap. 10)  
Wed., Feb. 7 slides (6pp) Bench Table Example, Hash Indexes (Chap. 11)
Mon., Feb. 12 slides (6pp) Oracle Tablespaces, etc,: Managing the Disk Resource (now with info from Rick Martin in slides 8-9)
Wed., Feb. 14 slides (6pp) Disk, Memory Resources, Intro to Query Processing
Mon., Feb. 19 Holiday
Wed., Feb. 21 slides (6pp) Query Processing Overview (Chap. 12)
Mon., Feb. 26 slides (6pp) External Sorting (Chap. 13)
Wed., Feb. 28 slides (6pp) Evaluating Relational Operators (Chap. 14)
Mon., Mar. 5 slides (6pp) Query Optimization (Chap. 15)
Wed., Mar. 7 Campus closed by bad weather, no class
Mon., Mar. 19 finish Query Optimization (Chap. 15), slides (6pp) Query Optimization in Practice

Mon., Mar. 26 Midterm Exam Practice Midterm Exam

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Spring '16 slides, etc.
Access to cs.umb.edu Hosts Updated Feb. 1 about hosts dbs3, pe07

SQL2003 data types
Oracle:We are using version 12c on dbs3.  Oracle 12c documentation (SQL) Explain Plan Doc
SQLPlus quick guide: QuickStart  and links to other topics
Mysql: MySql Setup We are using version 5.7 on pe07.cs.umb.edu. docs (SQL)
For later in term: be the DBA of your own database in the cloud: setup instructions

SQL92 Standard