CS634: Architecture of Database Systems

Department of Computer Science

UMass Boston

Spring 2018: MW 5:30-6:45 in M-3-204

Offered by: Elizabeth (Betty) O'Neil
email: eoneil@cs.umb.edu
Office: S-3-169


See the course syllabusPrerequisite:  CS430/630 or experience with database and my permission.

Student Information sheet, with list of essential skills needed for this course

Special topics for S18: Using the cloud, big data

Assignments: to come

Course Notes/Slides: 6pp means format of six slides per page

Mon, Jan. 22 slides (6pp) Intro

Spring '16 slides, etc.
Access to cs.umb.edu Hosts

SQL2003 data types
Oracle:We are using version 12c on dbs3.  Oracle 12c documentation (SQL)
SQLPlus quick guide: QuickStart  and links to other topics
Mysql: MySql Setup We are using version 5.7 on pe07.cs.umb.edu. docs (SQL)

SQL92 Standard